EDbU Newsflash 12



Poland, Lodz, August 5- 9, 2015

Dear colleagues!

It’s our pleasure to invite You to participate in the upcoming TPG Deafblind Race, which will take place beetween 5-9 th August 2015 in Lodz.TPG Deafblind Race is the first car race for deafblind in the world.

This thrilling yet what might seem unconventional idea is based on desire of making deafblind opportunity to experience driving a vehicle. First part of the event will be aimed at preparations of the participants, who will be learning a bit more about the car itself, it’s composure and the process of driving. During this lessons deafblind contestant sitting behind the wheel is going to have support from the driving instructor, who will be placed on the right on the passenger seat and interpreter guide situated on the middle of the back. Thanks to special symbolic touch gestures on the right thigh created to be used safely in the try-outs and the time of the race instructor will be giving his directions to the driver. Interpreter-guide’s task is to describe the situation on the road. Only those participants, who after the tests will be sure that they want to take part in the race will be welcomed to do so.

Please try to join us by taking part in the TPG Race in Poland and supporting this off-beat happening via Your websites, social online networks and any other means of communication.

This action still needs more promotion, that is why we ask You to spread the information to anyone who might be interested. The more publicity the more people will be talking about us, the more attention form the press and possibly more funds to organize the whole event.

The Association for the Welfare of the Deafblind in Poland (TPG-Towarzystwo Pomocy Głuchoniewidomym) is still looking for more ways of support that will help them to pay for the needs like:

<!- Oil for the try-out and races

– Accommodation for the participants and their interpreter-guides

– Transport during the event (airport, hotel, place of the driving lessons)


We hope to meet in You in Lodz on 5th August!


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