New EdbU committee executive members:

“Francisco Trigueros from Spain, has elected as the new president of the entity”

In Brussels took place last June 23 th and 24th the Annual General Assembly of EDbU and Forum 9th EDbU General Assembly, 1st Deafblind Elderly Forums, 3rd Deafblind Youth Forum with the slogan “Nothing about Deafblind without Deafblind”

In EDbU Assembly, the election were celebrated to choose the new representative of the entity during the next four years:

Francisco Trigueros, president of FASOCIDE ( Spanish deafblind  Federation) was selected as EdbU president receiving legacy from Sanja Tarczay.

Last September 15th, Francisco began to representative as official form with new team workers made up of:

– Tamás Ganglionares, from Hungría, as vice president.

– Sanja Tarczay, from Croatia, as Executive committee.

– Peter Vanhoutte, from Belgium, as Executive committee member

– Velichka Draganova, from Bulgaria, as Executive committee member

“Thanks all my collages from Executive committee for all the trust place in me to hold this position· said Francisco after been selected as new President. “also want to applaud the excellent work of the previous president, Sanja Tarczay, a woman whose experience and dedication are admirable”