EDbU Event 2020 -NOTICE




Dear members, associates and friends,


On the behalf of the European Deafblind Union (EDbU) we are sending you this letter to inform you that the next EDbU event;


4th EDbU Conference “DeSIGNed Europe for Deafblind Women”, 7th EDbU Annual General Assembly, 3rd Deafblind Youth Forum and 1st Deafblind Elderly Forum


will be postponed due to the coronavirus- Covid 19 outbreak since the Croatian Government informed everyone to cancel all the upcoming public events and gatherings and it is hard to predict the future development of this situation that is changing on a daily basis as well as measures.


We were extremely happy and proud to organise this significant event for Deafblind persons of Europe and welcome you all in Zagreb. We have already put a lot of effort in the organisation but unfortunately at this moment we have to think about the safety of everyone since this pandemic is effecting every each of us and we have to behave responsible to end it.


Furthermore, we still cannot confirm the new date of the event but probably it will be by the end of the 2020 when hopefully everything will get back to normal. We will get back to you when we will have more information.


For those who have already booked their accommodation in Hotel Panorama we managed to arrange with the hotel that everyone can do cancellation without any fees, but it is important that you do it as soon as possible, no longer than the end of the March.


Regarding the payment of the registration fees that have been made, those payments will be valid for the postponed event as well. If someone is insisting to get a refund it is possible to send your inquiry to the: .


We assume that some of you have already bought the flight tickets as well so we recommend you that you contact your Airline company and ask them about their policy regarding the current situation with the coronavirus.


EDbU is once more apologizing for all the inconvenience but is asking you all to take this situation seriously and follow your Government’s advices, just together we can win everything.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

Kind regards,


Sanja Tarczay, Ph.D.

The president of the European Deafblind Union