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VISEGRAD, HUNGARY – AUGUST, 25th – 31st 2014 –

European Deafblind Union (EDbU) used the opportunity of the 15th anniversary of EDbU initial board establishment Celebration, surprised all present and unveiled a new organisational identity, new logo that signifies its growth and transformation, and celebrates the specific culture of deafblindness built over the organisation’s 15 -year history.

New EDbU logo

The launch of our new logo kicks-off a new era at EDbU that speaks to who we are and that we are a direct reflection and the only real Voice of the Deafblind Persons community we serve.The new logo was designed by a Working Group of the EdbU Executive Committee deafblind members. Evocative of a ear/eye shape, the blue background and yellow EDbU letters/symbols, is a vibrant new take on EDbU’s prior logo.The new ‘ear/eye’ logo, represents the aspiration of all organizations and individuals involved in EDbU, emphasizing unity, collaboration and the merging of deafblind persons in Europe.

The launch of the new logo was accompanied by a presentation of the EdbU name in sign language. The name in the sign language is a symbolic representation of a ear/eye, displayed on the palm. The launch of the updated logo together with new sign language identity was developed in collaboration with all EDbU members. Presentation of our name in sign language can soon be seen on our new website and on youtube.

It is our ambition to leverage this incredible EDbU equity to celebrate our culture and connect Deafblind Persons in Europe in a VISIBLE, sustainable, chain of mutual cooperation. Our new identity is a symbol of this promise and just one of many exciting new developments to come, reflecting our transformation into a strong and true Voice of Deafblind Persons in Europe united in the same vision of living their European dream.

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Sanja Tarczay, President Of EDbU,: First Deafblind Person Who Acquired The Title Of Doctor Of Science In Croatia


Sanja Tarczay, Ph.D., President of the EDbU

We are honoured to inform you that the President of EDbU, Sanja Tarczay, successfully defended her doctoral dissertation entitled ”Meeting Challenges – Deafblind Interpreting From a User’s Perspective” on September, 12. 2014 at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Zagreb, and thus became the first deafblind person in Croatia who acquired the title of Doctor of Science.

The extraordinary effort was invested in preparing a doctoral dissertation which she decided to write and defend in English language. Last would not be surprise if Sanja Tarczay’s native language is not Croatian sign language.

The chosen theme was a challenge, Sanja Tarczay admits. But the challenge, which she, as the President of the EDbU had to face.

Sanja’s mission and vision has always been focused on the recognition of deafblindness and creating an environment for quality life of deafblind people in Croatia and worldwide. During the 20 years of dedicated work in empowering deafblind people (and herself as well) in the acquisition of knowledge and skills, she ensured the effectiveness of its professional and personal development always managing to make the impossible things- possible after all.

Sanja Tarczay supports the faith of deafblind persons and persons with disabilities that dreams can become reality! The big day for her and all deafblind people she accompanied using the words “If you dream alone it remains a dream. But if we dream together it becomes reality”.