Webinar: ‘DeSIGNed Europe for Deafblind Women’

On the European Deafblind Day, October 22nd 2020.,  Webinar “DeSIGNed Europe for Deafblind Women” was organised by the European Deafblind Union – EDbU and Croatian association of deafblind persons, DODIR“.
Deafblind persons face many obstacles and challenges on a daily basis, but deafblind women also have to deal with multiple discrimination and inequality – based on their gender, disability, sensory deprivation and socio-economic exclusion.

We wondered, how could we ensure in the coming times that the human rights of people with deafblindness, especially women, are respected even in crisis situations?

The aim of this Webinar was to stimulate discussion on this important topic, but also to exchange good practices between EU countries, to build bridges to a more inclusive EU – designed for deafblind women.

Link download Book of summaries.