Webinar: “DeSIGNed Europe for Deafblind Women”

Dear colleagues, associates and friends,


The European Deafblind Union (EDbU) and Croatian Association of Deafblind Persons “Dodir” are pleased to host our first Webinar: “DeSIGNed Europe for Deafblind Women” on 22nd of October  2020., the European Deafblind Day!


Deafblind people in general are facing many obstacles and challenges in everyday reality, but Deafblind women moreover have to fight with multiple discrimination and inequality based on their gender as well. That is why we would like to point out the importance of the supportive and inclusive environment, from family to work, education, right to full participation (access to health, communication, justice, public, political and cultural life).


The COVID-19 pandemic and the government response all around the EU created situations of severe infringement of the rights of the Deafblind persons, especially women where we unfortunately once more witnessed deafblind persons were being excluded, discriminated and forgotten from the society.


How can we proceed in the upcoming future to ensure that the human rights of persons with deafblindness especially women are upheld in this time of crisis?


This webinar will explore and aim to bring up a discussion on this topic but as well exchange the practices among countries in EU to build the bridges toward the more inclusive EU designed for deafblind women.


Hope you will enjoy it,


European Deafblind Union

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