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The Second European Celebration of the Specific Capabilities of the Deafblind, 2014, Bulgaria

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Note: We had made an improvement and better English wording of the name of the whole multi-event that is to be the “Celebration of the Specific Capabilities of the Deafblind” and to be different and not to be mixed with the word “Festival” that remains only for the “Amateur Arts Festival”. As well in English there are idioms “celebration of diversity” and “to celebrate diversity” that is closely emanates with the motto “Unity in diversity”.

The proposal of the EDBU newsletter

The name of the EDBU newsletter


My motto: “I would like to overcome the gap separating the world of the deafblind and the world which is not disabled.”

Target group

The EDBU newsletter is for deafblind people who want to get news from the deafblind field within Europe. The EDBU newsletter is also for their families, friends, professionals from different fields who want to understand deafblind people.