Membership of EDbU is open to European national deafblind organisations. A national organisation of deafblind people is an organisation that has a governing body (e.g. an Executive Committee) with a majority of deafblind people, elected by the deafblind membership at regular intervals.

The EDbU has two types of members, both National Members and Associate Members.

National Organizations may apply for national membership of the EDbU. Each country can only have one national member. If two or more National Organizations operate in a country they must agree among themselves on which one of them shall be the National Member.

National organizations that are not National Members, and other groups or institutions of deafblind persons may apply for associate membership of the EDbU.

Applications for membership shall be addressed to the Executive Committee. Any admission shall be decided by the General Assembly on the basis of recommendations by the Executive Committee.

All members of the EDbU shall pay an annual membership fee to the EDbU.

The annual membership fee is set at a minimum of 15 EUR per year for national members as well as for associate members. It is paid once for a four-year period at any time between two General Assemblies.